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BBC Music Magazine

“William Vann secures a vibrantly projected performance…his conducting is both energising and unobtrusive and the sound is pleasingly natural and well balanced.”

Musical Opinion

“William Vann matched the singer at every turn. Vann’s was much more than mere accompanying – his immaculate, imaginative pianism was most  admirable, and in combination with such a gifted singer, raised the stature of the music to the highest level throughout.”


“…a special word of praise for William Vann’s deft pianism.”

The Observer

“… model singing from the Chapel Choir of the Royal Hospital Chelsea under the meticulous direction of William Vann.”


“William Vann is the most sensitive of pianists.”

Classical modern music

“William Vann does everything right with the piano parts…”

American Record Guide

“Bevan, Gould, and Vann give a gorgeous performance of How the Cold Wind Doth Blow.”

Opera News

“…the excellent performances, most of all the colorful pianist William Vann—make the best possible case for each [song].”

Cue, newspaper of the South African National Arts Festival

“…from the outset of this recital Vann showed his ability to occupy the same artistic space as Madlala through amplifying the singer’s expressive nuances, emotional intensity, artistic imagery and passionate fervour.”

Newbury Weekly News

“…William Vann accompanied sensitively. It was possible to hear in one’s head the full orchestral accompaniment.”

Cumberland News

“…already towering accomplishment… very at home with this intense Brahmsian warmth…”

Dulwich On View

“…he did wonders here and throughout the concert…”

Classical Source

“…Of the budding accompanists competing for the MBF Accompanists’ Prize, William Vann impressed with the range of his musical sympathies and the commitment of his playing…”

Keswick Reminder

“Vann’s versatility and technical brilliance came to the fore…”